Vlad and Maria – Private Yarra Valley Wine Tour Operators

Hi everyone! We are Vlad and Maria – AKA “Three Koalas”. Together, from our home in Melbourne suburbia, we run a small family business – private Melbourne wine tours of Yarra Valley wineries – Three Koalas Wine Tours.

We live in Melbourne for almost 30 years and are professionally involved with the Australian tourism and hospitality industry for over 25 years (since 1997 to be precise).

Q: Why do we do it?
A: Because we love it! 
Q: Why do we call our company Three Koalas when there are only two of us?
A: That’s because we want you (yes YOU!) to become our Third Koala for a day :)

We love Australian wines, we love our beautiful Yarra Valley, we love terrific Yarra Valley wineries and we love to take people there and show them some very best scenery in Australia and give them a taste of some very best Australian wines.

Our Yarra Valley Melbourne wine tasting tours are always a very memorable and enjoyable experience. And why wouldn’t they?

You have a pristine rural environment set up in the breathtaking valley surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges. A plethora of elegant and modern or authentic and rustic (but always beautiful!) wineries to visit and some very best wines to taste and last but not least – local fresh food produce. Cheese, meat, bread, fruits veggies, some delightful small goods… Yam!

More than that!

For the price conscious or for thous with limited time we offer the most cheap private Yarra Valley wine tour in Melbourne – from $54 per person! Yes, that’s right – from $54. You will not find any better legitimate deal in Melbourne for the private winery tour. So stop looking! Seriously. This is the most Cheap Half Day Private Wine Tour of Yarra Valley in Melbourne. You will not find any cheaper. Full stop.

We also believe that Yarra Valley is one of just 3 main tourist attractions close to Melbourne, which is an absolute must for any Melbourne visitor to visit. And the best way to do that is to join Three Koalas Private Wine Tours of Yarra Valley. Even if you are not a big wine lover.

But if you are…

Currently, we offer four types of private Melbourne winery tours of Yarra Valley, that in our opinion, cover pretty much the needs of all tourists:

See you on Three Koalas Wine Tour!

Vlad and Maria :)