Private Yarra Valley Wine Tours from $54 pp

Five reasons why our Private Yarra Valley Wine Tours are “a little bit different” from the majority of winery tours offered in Melbourne…

 Only Private Wine Tours

This is the cornerstone. We don’t do public tours. All our tours are private. If you have a group of friends or colleagues or maybe you are visiting Melbourne with your family and like to have a memorable day out without strangers around… why not try Three Koalas Yarra Valley Wine Tours?

Just the people you know: family, friends or colleagues. And, depending on the size of your group, you might even spend on your exclusive PRIVATE winery tour less than you would on a big PUBLIC bus wine tours.

Wine tasting is an intimate experience so let’s keep it that way. Wouldn’t you agree?

 Only Low Prices

We always keep our prices for our wine tasting tours low. That is our business model and our Lowest Price Guarantee.

Three Koalas PRIVATE Wine Tours price is on the level with similar PUBLIC bus Yarra Valley wine tours prices. And we are not hiding our prices from your view. See all our prices “in the open” right here!

How can it be? There are different business strategies around.

Well established, large companies can afford bigger profit margins. They can get away with it because they know that they will have enough “bums on seats” on their buses regardless :))

Three Koalas Wine Tours is a very small, family-run business and we cannot expect enough interest in our PRIVATE Yarra Valley tour if our prices are too high. Hence – we keep them low!

It’s that simple.

On top of that, we have rather low overheads:

  • We live in the 21st century with all the modern-day technology at our disposal. So Three Koalas Wine Tours doesn’t have an office and the associated office expenses – we don’t need them! Yes, folks, we work out of our home, and often – out of the bus :))
  • We are owners/operators, so we don’t pay any wages to hired staff – drivers, call centre, etc., as we don’t have any.
  • We don’t pay for any form of promotion or advertising apart from occasional Google AdWords.

That’s how and why we can offer you such low prices for cheap PRIVATE Yarra Valley wine tours.

   Only the Best Wines

Have we mentioned already that we love wine? Oh, yes we most certainly have and possibly more than once :))

This is precisely the reason why on our tours we visit not only the big, popular, but very crowded wineries but also the smaller hidden gems not known to 90% of Yarra Valley regular winery tour participants…

We choose Yarra Valley wineries for all our Yarra Valley Private Wine Tours on the merits of their wines, friendliness of their staff, beauty of their location rather than on their size or how well they are promoted…

On every one of our private tours, we try to take you to a couple of those less explored, boutique Yarra Valley wineries with some excellent wines to taste and some astonishing views to enjoy.

Our speciality – Small Yarra Valley Wineries.

And believe us – these guys do have EXCELLENT wines.

 Wildlife and Wine

Many of our overseas visitors love the opportunity to see Aussie animals on our tours

Yarra Valley wineries are many and well known. But Yarra Valley also has one of the most famous Wildlife parks around Melbourne – the Healesville Sanctuary – on its very doorstep (you possibly already had plans to visit it).

So why not do both?!

We have designed a special itinerary for a Wildlife and Wineries tour of Yarra Valley where, to begin with, you will visit Healesville Sanctuary and meet all iconic Australian wildlife – Koala, Kangaroo, Wombat, Echidna, Platypus, Tasmanian Devil, Dingo, etc., and then in the afternoon, we will take you to our favourite Yarra Valley wineries for the local produce lunch and wine tasting.

Melbourne wine tour by Three Koalas – Wildlife and Wine is the absolute “must do” tour for all Melbourne overseas visitors. In just one day you will visit a number of first class Victoria tourist attractions. And have we mentioned the wine? :)

It Beats Melbourne Zoo any day!

 Only Owner Operated

Three Koalas Wine Tours is a small family tourism operation run by two owners and wine aficionados.

So we keep a close eye on everything. To make sure everything is running smoothly.

It’s exactly like a restaurant. When the owners of a restaurant serve you food and look after your needs themselves it always shows. Doesn’t it?

Same thing goes with Three Koalas Wine Tours. We own the business and we run the business. Our major goal – your satisfaction. Because OUR OWN business depends on it

That is why we are always, totally, 100% customer orientated. It’s that simple!

And of course – we will pick you up and drop you off at ANY address in the City of Melbourne (hotel or tourist attraction) or at ANY address in Eastern Suburbs on the way to Yarra Valley, or the Yarra Valley itself.

 At no extra charge to you, naturally