Domaine Chandon Yarra Valley

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Arguably the best known among premium Yarra Valley wineries is Domaine Chandon Yarra Valley. And there are several reasons for that.

Yarra Valley wineries are many. And quite a few of them are very well known for their wonderful wines and picturesque landscapes. And we visit them frequently on our wine tasting tours of Yarra Valley.

But hardly any other of Yarra Valley wineries with all their fantastic surroundings can compete with Domaine Chandon in absolutely breathtaking natural beauty of the valley and mountains view that opens from Domaine Chandon.

SONY DSC This is the view we are talking about! Every time we are having wine tasting at Domaine Chandon it is really hard to leave…

It is simply amazing. You must be there to really appreciate it.

Another good reason for being that well known and ever popular is the wine of course! :) We are talking CHAMPAGNE baby! Who on the wine tasting tour would refuse to taste some pretty good bubbly?

Domaine Chandon belongs to Moët & Chandon – a French champagne house and one of the world’s largest champagne producers and co-owner of the luxury brands Moët-Hennessy and Louis Vuitton.

You would think that with all this heritage Domaine Chandon must be making quite an impressive wines and you would be absolutely right. During Three Koalas Yarra Valley Wine Tour you will have an opportunity to taste these wines and see that this statement is not an exaggeration.

Domaine Chandon does make a wonderful sparkling wines. In our opinion even better than any French champagne we tried in the same price range.

Domaine Chandon wines

Interestingly enough, since 2008 Domaine Chandon also makes some very nice still wines as well and naturally, we would suggest you to have sample of them during our wine tasting tour at Domaine Chandon.

Three Koalas Winery Tasting Tours tries to include Domaine Chandon winery on all our tour itineraries form Melbourne.

Here is a location map of Domaine Chandon Yarra Valley Winery would you decide to visit it by yourself.

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